Getting on a better energy deal is great, but the progress you have made could be fleeting if you do not stay on top of it.

How we help you with price alerts

Set your price alert and have peace of mind about your energy.

Price alerts

Energy prices change all the time. What is a good deal today, may not be such a good deal in just a few months time. 

Here is how this feature works:

  • Tap the bell icon on the Deals screen
  • Set the amount of savings you would want to know about
  • Set any filters you want (for example no Exit fees)
  • Tap "Save & Continue"

If switching to a deal in the market would save you more than the amount you entered as your alert, we will notify you.

You can then come back into the app, have a look at the deals on offer and take action if you wish. No worries 😁

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