There are two ways to send your bill to us:

  1. Email a pdf of your bill to 
  2. Use your phone to take photos of your bill and submit them to us using the app (no need to send an email)

This article will cover the first method (email your pdf to us) in more detail. 

Using your phone to take photos of your bill and submitting it to us using your phone is covered in this article.

Finding the pdf to email to us

Here are some ways you might manage your bills:

  • Online using your retailer's website
  • Using an App (like the AGL or Origin app) on your phone
  • From your inbox, where you receive email bills

If you only have a paper copy of you bill, please refer to our article that covers that specifically.

Sending us your bill from your online account

Here are the steps to send us your bill:

  1. Log in to your online account
  2. Find the section that allows you to view a history of your bills
  3. Download a pdf of your latest bill to your computer (or mobile phone)

Open up your email application and send the pdf of your bill to

Sending us your bill from an app provided by your retailer

  1. Open up the app from the home screen on your phone
  2. Find the section in the app that shows a history of your bills
  3. Select the most recent bill
  4. Look for a "Share" icon like the example below and select the "email" option

Enter the email address and send it

Sending us your bill from an email in your inbox

If you receive your bills via email, you may have a recent bill in your inbox.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Open the application you use for emails
  2. Search for the bill email in your inbox
  3. Forward that bill to

Please note: Sometimes the bill email contains a link to your actual bill.
Sometimes this link expires, so we are unable to access it.

If this is the case, we'll let you know.

The safest route is to get the pdf of the bill yourself and forward it to 

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