When shopping around for a new energy deal, it is important to start with a complete set of available deals.

If you live in NSW or South East Queensland, here are your options:

  • The Government's Energy Made Easy price comparison website will give you a complete list of publicly available deals. (This is our recommendation if you choose not use our service)
  • Energy Brokers will generally offer you the deals from retailers they have a commercial agreement with.
  • General Comparison sites will offer you near complete information on publicly available deals, but these may be out of date, so please check on the Retailer's website directly. 
  • You could of course go to each individual retailer and maintain your own spreadsheet ... 
  • Handled's app will give you access to group discounts as well as every publicly available deal found on Energy Made Easy.

If you are not already using our app, you can download it for free from our website handled.com.au 

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