Switching to a new Retailer can take up to three months. Here are the steps:

  • Switch started
  • Cooling off period
  • Wait for meter transfer
  • Switch complete

Switch started

You can either contact your existing retailer and agree a better deal or agree a deal with a new retailer.
Most retailers will take care of "breaking up" with your old retailer for you, so there is no need to call them if you do not want to.

Cooling off period

In NSW and South East Queensland, you have 10 business days from receiving information on your new energy plan to change your mind and cancel the switch without having to provide a reason.

Meter transfer

Once your cooling off period ends, your meter readings need to be transferred to your new retailer.
A final reading has to be taken so that your old retailer can calculate your final bill and your new retailer has a starting point from which they will bill you for the energy you use.
This process can take as long as three months. The reason for this is that meter providers typically read your meter every 3 months.
This can be faster if you have a smart meter installed at your property.

Switch completes

Once your meter readings are transferred to your new retailer, your new deal's pricing kicks in. So, any savings that you hope to make start at this point.

Using Handled's app

We are the only independent service provider who can initiate the switch on your instruction and guide you through the actual process of switching.

Once your switch is underway, the app provides a step by step timeline that let's you know where you are in the switch process.

Check in at any point to see if your promised saving has actually begun.

Get our app at handled.com.au 

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