With your current situation understood, it is time to discover if there is a better deal available for you.

The deals on offer

What deals will I see?

We will always show you the full market for your particular circumstance.
Feel free to have a look at the regulators website if you want to check the completeness of our deals.

From time to time, we use our bulk purchasing power to bring you even better deals that are not publicly available. You will be able to access these exclusively in the Handled app.

How we calculate the savings

We deduct the estimated cost of the new deal from your existing deal and the difference is the estimated saving.

The estimated cost of the new deal is calculated by our billing engine. It takes in your annual estimate usage (kWh or MJ) and works out your hypothetical bill using the specific model used by that energy retailer.

What information is displayed about the deals

We include information on the conditions attached to each deal right in the deal listing.
We believe it is important to understand what conditions (like paying on time) need to be met to achieve the saving.

Taking action

Investigating a new deal

Simply tap on a deal to see more detail about it.

Getting comfortable

We call out important conditions of the deal you selected in the "What you should know" section.
If you would like to look into even more detail, tap the "Electricity/Gas price fact sheet" link and you will be shown a pdf of the finer details of the deal.

Updating your plan or changing provider

When you are ready tap the button and you will be taken to between 4 and 6 short steps to change your energy plan.

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