We believe it is important for our members to know their current situation before making any new choices.
Collecting your bill allows us to give you this context.

The information we need

We use some pretty cool technology to capture

  • Your retailer and the plan you are on
  • Your name and the address of the property
  • The opening and closing balance of your account
  • Your NMI ("National Meter Identifier") or DPI/MIRN for gas
  • Usage information (the kWh/MJ you used in the period)
  • Adjustments, for example discounts or charges to your account

What we use this for

Modelling your usage

We have some proprietary models that take in

  • the specific days of the year covered in your bill
  • your usage of energy during that period

The model then calculates what your seasonal and annual usage is likely to be going forward. The more bills that are uploaded, the more accurate this forecast becomes.

Your annual cost estimate

Once we know how much energy you will use over an annual period, we use our billing engine to work out how much you are likely to spend on energy (electricity or gas) over the period of a year.

Where you can find this information

You can access your annual cost estimate, plan details and predicted seasonal usage on the Dashboard screen in the app.
Here is an example

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